Outpost Combat Appeal (Bounty Hunting)

Title: Outpost Combat Appeal (Bounty Hunting)

System: Dahan


Professor Ishmael Palin, the scientist leading research into the Unknown Artefacts, has announced plans to establish a new research outpost on Maia B1 BA in the Maia system. To ensure the safety of those making the deliveries to Nelson Works, the Confederation of Dahan has asked for help in keeping the spaceways of Dahan clear.

System: Dahan
Station: Dahan Gateway (Large Landing Pads are Available).
Objective: Earn Rewards by delivering Bounty Vouchers to Dahan Gateway in the Dahn system.
Time Limit: 31 December 3301 15:00 UTC

Current Contributors: 10.
Current Global Progress: 31,664 Credits Earned.
Current Reward Tier: Tier 0/5.
Current Global Reward: No Global Rewards Available.

Current Participation Rewards:
Top 5%: ???? CR
Top 15%: ???? CR
Top 50%: ???? CR
Top 80%: ???? CR
Top 100%: ???? CR

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